lundi 18 octobre 2010

Dexter 5x01

It starts right after the season 4 finale.

The police arrives at Dexter's house.
Police : what happened?
Dexter : Rita's dead... it was me.

Okay... he may feel responsible for her death, but does he really have to tell the police? Now there's the fucking FBI who wants to have a conversation with him...

The next day Astor and Cody are back from DisneyLand.
They give Dexter a nice hat and then he's ready.

Dexter : Something bad happened to your mom.
Astor : Is she okay?! what happened?
Dexter : A man came into our house and he killed her.
Astor : What?!
Cody :  She got killed?!
Dexter : I'm sorry for your loss.

Then Astor goes crying and is like "it's your fault asshole".

Astor : She's dead and it doesn't even matter to you!
Dexter : How can you stay that?
Astor : Because it doesn't!

Astor : I wish YOU were dead!!!

Meanwhile, Debra and Quinn are having sex in Dexter's house.

Dexter decides to get rid of his stuff and on his way he meets some creepy guy.

Creepy guy : What you lookin' at?
Dexter : I had a bad week...
Creepy guy : I don't give a shit!
Dexter : My wife is dead.
Creepy Guy : Your wife can suck my dick.

So Dexter kills him.

Then his dad shows up : "It's okay son, to show what you're feeling".